Clinical Translation

Our vision is to support the development of medical devices and digital health technologies by facilitating excellent clinical trials and upskilling the workforce.

To achieve this we aim to enable efficient early-stage clinical trials for verification and validation of new medical devices and digital health technologies to support implementation through:

  • Providing greater connectivity between clinicians, researchers and industry via virtual and in-person networks

  • Increasing the skills and knowledge of those conducting clinical trials

Available Initiatives

Expert Advisory Group

This team of experts will offer advice and assistance for a range of topics relevant to early-stage clinical trials with the option for potential collaboration. Register your interest below if you would like to speak to an expert.


MedTech e-health forum

If you are a clinician with a keen interest in healthtech innovation, join our online network hosted on the e-Health Forum. This provides a platform to connect with like-minded clinicians and collaborate directly, whilst also having the opportunity to provide clinical input, expertise and pain points to industry. 

1. Qualify  clinical need

2. Connect with Experts

3. Solution Ideation

4. Building a prototype solution

5. Validation testing of prototype

6. Clinical validation and user experience

7. Clinical Implementation

What is the problem you want to solve?

Consulting with relevant healthcare workers, patients and communities will help you determine the nature and significance of the problem to be solved. It's important you understand how others have tried to meet this need through systematic literature review, patents and competitor searchers. 

Tools and Templates

The process of clinical validation for medical devices and digital health technologies can be complex, so we have mapped the process below with each step containing tools, templates, network connections and things to think about. ​

Module Leads


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