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Commercial Translation

Our vision is to build capability for taking health technology research into the commercial arena and accelerate commercial opportunities.


To achieve this we will provide resources, programmes and networks to support better navigation of the commercialisation process.

Available Initiatives

Bridging Business and Science Programme 

Market Assessment Assistance

This programme is supported by two interns from the University of Auckland Master of Bioscience Enterprise programme who will work with you for four weeks assessing the size of your potential market(s) and competitor analysis. Get in touch below if you are wanting to access this support.

Greenlight Guru Quality Management Software

If you are a research group/start-up needing quality and regulatory management software support, the Commercial Translation module is offering complete access at a nominal charge to Greenlight Guru.

Check out the events page for the following workshop dates

  • Demystifying Quality and Regulatory (& one on one hours)

  • Software as a Medical Device Quality and Regulatory

  • Health Economics

  • User-centred Design

  • Impact and Evidence

Past Events

#1 The First Step: An Entrepreneur's Journey

New Zealand's HealthTech sector is continuing to grow with the development of new start-ups each year. However, knowing when to take the first step to commercialise your technology can be difficult. This installation of the Series was an in-depth panel discussion to hear from three key NZ entrepreneurs on how they took an idea to a sustainable, established company, the challenges they faced, the support available, and much more.

#2 Ethics, Equity, and Sustainability

The design and implementation of health innovation is surrounded by ethical issues that require responsible research and development. We need to consider the impact these technologies might have on individuals who are targeted as potential users and society as a whole. How can we ensure that we're being ethical, inclusive, and address equity in the technologies we develop? And what can we learn to make Aotearoa a leader in responsible research and innovation?

#3 Raising Capital: What investors are looking for

Raising capital is a key portion of any healthtech commercialisation journey but understanding the investor landscape and knowing where to begin can be difficult to determine. Our investment experts Will Charles (Return on Science, Momentum, and University of Auckland Inventors Fund), Tamsin Bateman (NZTE), and Jackson Rowland (Ākina Invest) take us through the opportunities they have on offer and the best approach for each of these different types of funds.

#4 Getting Technologies into Hospitals

Now that you have a technology with the potential to solve a crucial healthcare problem, how do you actually get it into the hospital? This is a key question for many in the healthtech industry and can be difficult to answer if you don't know where to look. It can take significant preparation through collaboration with clinicians and clinical trials to support the adoption process in healthcare workflows.

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