Stroke Rehab: From No-Tech to Go-Tech

Date: Monday, 29th January to Wednesday, 31st January 2018
Location: Christchurch

International, Multidisciplinary Rehabilitation Conference
This conference will provide a wide range of educational offerings that cross multi-disciplinary boundaries but also target the needs of subspecialties in stroke rehabilitation.

Stroke Rehab: From No-Tech to Go-Tech will include keynote addresses and panel discussions, covering principles of neuroscience and neural recovery, and multidisciplinary engagement in clinical stroke management. Targeting a broad audience of rehabilitation specialists, engineers and physiologists, content will be easily translatable across disciplines with a focused emphasis on technological applications to clinical practice. Peer-reviewed, research platform presentations will be targeted to subspecialties including speech-language pathology, physiotherapy, and occupational therapy. The conference is open to all clinicians, engineers, physiologists, and students with an interest in cortical, corticobulbar or corticospinal rehabilitation.

For more information go to the conference website.


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