The Flagship Projects of the MedTech CoRE are designed to address all of the themes and, for the first 3 years, are:

Flagship 1: Model-based diagnostics & therapeutics in pulmonary medicine

This Flagship project aims to develop and validate a novel software platform for clinical decision support and device and protocol design for respiratory medicine.

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Flagship 2: Cardiovascular diagnostics and therapeutics

Flagship 2 addresses three areas of translational research: Enhanced Echocardiography for Heart Disease (Echo), Interactive Electrophysiology Imaging (EPS), and Real-Time Blood Delivery Sensing For Critical Care and Beyond (RTBS).

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Flagship 3: Diagnosis and therapy of gastric dysrhythmias

The Flagship 3 collaborators have been instrumental in discovering complex spatial dysrhythmias associated with functional gastric motility disorders (e.g. gastroparesis).

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Flagship 4: Patient-specific virtual organs for surgical planning

This Flagship will develop a clinical workflow for pre-surgical analysis and planning for the treatment of tumours and other pathologies in soft tissue organs, using patient-specific image-based models.

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Flagship 5: Augmentation of upper limb stroke rehabilitation

This Flagship uses iterative, co-design approaches to develop and validate assistive and rehabilitation technologies that are person-centred and focused on improving the lives of people living with the disabling consequences of injury or illness.

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Flagship 6: Innovative new strategies for musculoskeletal & soft tissue repair

The goal of this Flagship is to deliver tissue engineered scaffolds capable of enhancing musculoskeletal regeneration.

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