FlexiMap Ltd

FlexiMap Ltd

The mission of FlexiMap is to advance physiological solutions, in order to improve the diagnostic accuracy and therapy for patients who suffer the burden of GI motility disorders. The company holds a portfolio of technologies that offer solutions to directly address the main challenge of gastrointestinal motility diseases - reliable and accurate techniques to pinpoint and treat contributing causes.

The company was founded in Auckland in 2015 with the support of a MedTech CoRE Seed Project - A Model-assisted Diagnostic Package for Clinical Electrogastrography (EGG, led by PI Dr Peng Du from Auckland Bioengineering Institute. An inter-disciplinary team of expert biomedical engineers and clinicians were assembled to develop innovative products to aid clinicians caring for patients suffering motility disorders, and present customised physiological solutions for our commercial and research clients.

The company aims to achieve high-value manufacturing through expanding the current portfolio of intellectual properties based on the new technologies and techniques developed under the Diagnosis and Therapy of Gastric Dysrhythmias Flagship. Additional R&D will be sought after with the support of Callaghan Innovation, Auckland UniServices, and Ministry of Business, Innovation and Environment (MBIE).