Rex Bionics

Rex Bionics

Rex Bionics is the pioneer of REX® that provides robotic standing, walking and exercise support for people with mobility impairments; and is typically used by people who have suffered a spinal cord injury, stroke, traumatic brain injury or other neurological condition.

We have worked with rehabilitation experts to develop the concept and practice of Robot Assisted Physiotherapy (REXERCISE™) for use in rehabilitation; and also offer a home use device, REX P, allowing for exercise programmes, social eye-to-eye contact, and the enjoyment of leisure activities whilst standing.

REX does not require the use of additional supports (e.g. crutches) so is widely accessible to people with a range of mobility impairments, as well as enabling upper body strengthening from an upright position. REX has fully automated movement forwards, backwards, sideways and turning; is controlled by a joy stick; and is quick and easy for users to learn.

Rex Bionics commitment to engineering excellence is complemented by a commitment to clinical science and we have an ongoing programme of clinical trials.