Professor Mauro Farella

University of Otago
Faculty of Dentistry
Email: [email protected]

DDS, PhD, PD, Specialist in Orthodontics, Specialist in Medical Statistics, Professor of Orthodontics

My current research interests include clinical orthodontics, craniofacial growth, craniofacial biology, oral physiology, and biomedical three-dimensional imaging. In addition, I have an expertise in orofacial musculature, temporomandibular joints, orofacial pain, and their quantitative assessment using electromyography, optoelectronic and magnetic jaw tracking, and pain thresholds measurements. I have a degree in medical statistics with an expertise in the analysis of time-series and correlated data. I have a special interest in the development of wireless body area networks to be used in oral sciences.

I am a member of the Neuroscience Programme, of [email protected], and of Genetics Otago.