Alphabet introduces Verily study watch to assist clinical studies and health research

Alphabet’s life sciences unit Verily on Friday unveiled a wrist-worn “Study Watch” created to gather complex health data in clinical studies. Basically instead of features like displaying notifications from your phone, or controlling music playback, or playing games, the Study Watch will be more of a healthcare sort of device. According to a report from MIT Technology Review, which has been tracking the Verily watch’s progress for some time, the watch uses a two-point ECG.

The Study Watch will probably be entrusted with some important researches, like gathering vital signs for on-going works like the Personalized Parkinson’s Project, which looks into the progression of the disease and then looks for its cure.

A health technology start-up hoping to help with the early detection of skin cancer has secured $400,000 in investment from a group of angel investors.

Taranaki-based Firstcheck has developed a free Android and iOS app that for $20 allows people to take photos of moles and send them to a dermatologist to assess.

“We like to say it’s as simple as a couple of pics and a couple of clicks of your moles and skin conditions about which you’d like to consult with your doctor,” says co-founder Hayden Laird, whose trust owns more than half the company.

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Normangee Star| Posted on April 15, 2017 by Madeline Patrick

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