Gamifying Education for Children – What is iMOKO up to Now?

The healthcare landscape is changing drastically with the arrival of disruptive technologies on the scene; these technologies are challenging existing systems and paving the way for positive change.

The iMOKO™ programme by Dr Lance O’Sullivan is one of them - it aims to deliver healthcare for common childhood ailments to high needs communities effectively, thereby reducing waiting time for treatments and decreasing pressure on existing resources. Trained personnel gather necessary information on conditions such as head lice, strep throat, dental and skin infections at schools. This data is sent to a telehealth team digitally and the child is diagnosed remotely. Medication prescriptions are then sent to parents or caregivers via the iMOKO™ app.

The latest additions to the iMOKO™ programme are games that will educate children about caring for themselves in relation to common conditions. This includes teaching them about taking the required medication appropriately. Dr Lance O’Sullivan is working with the MedTech CoRE and the Victoria University of Wellington to create these games. Team members consist of Dr Robyn Whittaker, Associate Professor Edgar Rodriguez, game design advisor Kah Chan and student Sophie Price. The games are designed for five to seven-year-olds and are currently undergoing testing. They were most recently tested at the Tuakau Primary School and are expected to be rolled out at the end of this year.

Recent coverage of the game development and testing on Māori TV

iMOKO games.