iMOKO founder uses micro-credentialing to train new digital health workforce

Clinician and digital health entrepreneur Lance O’Sullivan has launched a micro-credentialing scheme with Otago Polytechnic to train a new digital health workforce.

O’Sullivan developed iMOKO, an app that enables trained teachers at participating kohanga, day-care centres and schools to securely send health information about students with common conditions such as head lice and strep throat to a digital health team working in Auckland.

These digital health assessors respond with a diagnosis and a treatment plan and prescriptions are sent to the parents of caregivers via the iMOKO app.

O’Sullivan’s company, Navilluso Medical, has worked with Otago Polytechnic to develop a micro-credentialing scheme for the new digital health workforce that the app relies on. It uses EduBits to validate people’s capabilities, which are developed through experience.

O’Sullivan says we are living in a fast-moving world, where someone like him can be a doctor one year and transform into a digital health entrepreneur the next.

While he wants staff to be appropriately trained, he questions whether lengthy diplomas and degrees are appropriate for this fast-paced environment and believes the EduBits system is the answer.


Published by on 5 July 2018.