Many patients to dodge cystoscopies as MidCentral DHB signs up Pacific Edge

Bladder cancer patients in the MidCentral region may avoid cystoscopies in future as the DHB takes up a contract with Pacific Edge Diagnostics to use all of its Cxbladder tests to diagnose and manage bladder cancer.

For patients who have had bladder cancer and are undergoing routine surveillance within the hospital clinic setting, patients will now have the Cxbladder Monitor test.

MidCentral DHB clinical leader of urology Christophe Chemasle says the test will be used to follow up patients who have been treated for low-grade bladder cancer.

Usually, a flexible cystoscopy is used for this, which he acknowledges is not only a significant burden on resources, but is not always pleasant for patients.

In future, if the Cxbladder Monitor test for these patients shows negative, they will not proceed with a cystoscopy.

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