‘MedTech Conversations 2018’ kicks off

The MedTech Conversation series is a new initiative jointly hosted by the MedTech Centre of Research Excellence (MedTech CoRE) and Consortium for Medical Device Technologies (CMDT). It is a commercialisation forum to promote networking and learning from experienced entrepreneurs, with the objective of helping accelerate the growth of New Zealand businesses and ideas.

The 2018 MedTech Conversations launched last week with a talk by Dr Sunil Vather, founder and first CEO of ableX healthcare, a company that produces rehabilitation tools for stroke and brain injury. Dr Vather shared his twenty years of experience in taking innovations and technology from research organisations to the global market.

Centred around ableX’s journey from concept to commercialisation, Dr Vather gave an insight into the value of finding the right contacts who can make the process more time and cost-efficient. He emphasised the importance of a succinct and effective pitch to potential investors, as well as thinking carefully about the product from a customer’s perspective (i.e. observing customers as they use the product, and modifying it as necessary). The tips provided on getting approval from various regulatory bodies in the US, Europe and Australia was valuable to the audience of entrepreneurial researchers and start-ups.

An engaging Q&A session followed the talk.

The next MedTech Conversation will take place on April 19.