No Time to go to the Doctor's? Not A Problem

Dealing with looming deadlines at work and juggling family duties while being sick is stressful – without the added hassle of driving to the doctor’s and waiting to be seen.

Doctor2Go is providing a paradigm shift in healthcare to New Zealanders allowing you to consult a doctor via a video call from the comfort of the office or home. It has a team of qualified healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists and allied healthcare professionals at the touch of a button. Under their corporate wellness programme, employers can choose from a range of commercial options that is suitable for their organisation. Employees can then access Doctor2Go services using a laptop or tablet from wherever they are - even overseas. Medication can be delivered to their nearest pharmacy or to their doorstep via courier.

Doctor2Go is working with Westshore Pharmacy in Napier, where there is a local GP shortage, to pilot pharmacy based Telehealth. Under this programme, a patient who visits the pharmacy can consult a GP on site via the Doctor2Go platform if required. Prescription is sent to the pharmacy and the patient pays the pharmacy for the consultation and medication.

Consultation via the Doctor2Go platform is only provided when it is safe to do so – for example, it is not offered to children under 16 and if a physical examination is required, the patient is referred to either their own GP or a local A&E clinic.

Doctor2Go recently concluded a six-month trial with insurance partner nib, which investigated whether or not remote blood pressure monitoring would be beneficial to corporate office workers in helping them co-manage their health and make proactive lifestyle choices. The results are published on their website.

By Kanmani Nbalasubramaniam

A inside look at the program