Patients at the Centre of Care

Throughout the care delivery journey, essential information about patients’ perspectives goes uncaptured.  Although the overall picture of the patient’s health is essential to deliver better outcomes, clinicians primarily get only snapshots of subjective aspects of the patient’s condition.

Historically, important determinants of health such as quality of life and mental health, may not have been taken into account, however, this situation is changing with the shift that places the patient at the centre of their care, taking into account the outcomes that matter most to them. At the base of this shift are PROMs (Patient Reported Outcomes Measures) which are increasingly being adopted by clinicians to guide routine patient care. “This is value-based healthcare,” say Drs Koray Atalag and Ron Tenenbaum from The Clinician, a New Zealand Health IT start-up. It is healthcare that is smarter and more cost and time-effective. The Clinician is focused on driving better care outcomes. Their product, a cloud-based software enables the easy collection, analysis and actionable follow-up of PROMs.  Patients receive questionnaires that factor in their disease and are personalised to capture cultural sensitivities. Answered on their mobile device or computer, the data is updated and available in real time to their doctors and support a range of alerts when certain critical thresholds are met.  Soon, data from wearable devices like Fitbits may be integrated into this platform.

The Clinician’s products have been well received in New Zealand and overseas. Its e-discharge app was recently implemented at the MercyAscot Hospital in Auckland and a deal with the Trans Tasman Radiation Oncology Group has made the company the preferred PROMs provider for about 70 hospitals across Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.  The company is working closely with the Ministry of Health in Singapore around further implementations of its product.

by Kanmani Bala

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