Smart Garments with Stretch Sensors

StretchSense is a tech company with a twist. Instead of plastic and metal hardware, they specialize in creating soft and stretchy sensors. These sensors can precisely measure deformation of their shape, so that when worn on the body, they can track motion, enabling exciting applications in numerous fields such as sports and fitness, physiotherapy and rehabilitation, and virtual and augmented reality gaming.

StretchSense had previously built their business around Discovery Kits for early prototyping. Today they have released new products to help make the product development process even easier; the prototyping Smart Garment range. These garments come with stretch sensors sewn in from top to toe, greatly reducing prototyping time, complexity and cost. Clients now have greater access to the benefits of the technology, empowering them to get ahead on their product development journey.

The concept is simple; a client selects a garment, describes what they want to measure and the StretchSense team ships a garment to fit their requirements. From there, clients can utilize a range of development services to further refine their prototype into a market ready product.

The company vision ultimately goes beyond smart garments, to a world where the clothes people wear helps them to interact seamlessly with the digital world. It’s a future that is closer than you think, with StretchSense at the forefront of a new age of wearable tech.

StretchSense's new Smart Garment range.
StretchSense’s new Smart Garment range includes men’s shirt and leggings with stretch sensors.