Sustainable NZ skincare technology makes waves in China

Tucked away in West Auckland is Revolution Fibres, a global leader in nanofiber production which is making significant headway in the Chinese market with its actiVLayr™ technology. This is a new patented delivery system for skincare based on electrospun collagen nanofibers which are derived from the skin of hoki fish and impregnated with locally sourced grape seeds and natural extracts from fruits such as kiwi and grapes. actiVLayr™ is the only natural skincare technology available in the market capable of delivering bio-actives through the epidermis without the need for chemicals or alternative skin treatments.

Revolution Fibres was recently granted the highly prestigious New Zealand FernMark licence, and with a USA patent, is positioning itself for solid growth in its export markets. Production of actiVLayr™ has increased fourfold just to keep up with demand in China. Iain Hosie, CEO of Revolution Fibres, is “very excited about 2018 and the market opportunities that keep growing.”

The first formulation of actiVLayr™ has been released for cosmetic application and the next formulation will essentially replace needles to send drugs directly in to the skin to treat severe wounds, post-surgical care etc.

The company is highly collaborative and is always keen to have a conversation with researchers and biotech companies for new product development.

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