Veriphi Introduces Ground-Breaking, Laser-Based Analyser to Hospital Pharmacists

A team of more than forty pharmacists gathered at Auckland's largest hospital yesterday to learn more about the clinical trials that Veriphi has been conducting at the hospital over the past six months.

The presentation, which was hosted by lead pharmacist, Stephanie Noble, was an opportunity for Veriphi team members to update pharmacists on the huge advances made with the Veriphi device since the clinical trials first began mid-way through last year.

Calibration data has been collected on five oncology drugs and saline as part of the trial, and from that data Veriphi conducted 90 blind tests on three of the drugs and saline. Two of the drugs were excluded from the trial due to their similarities in drug signatures. 90 out of 90 of the samples were correctly identified, and 88 out of 90 had the correct concentration verification within 10%.


Published by Greg Shanahan on 1 February, 2018 on LinkedIn.