Associate Professor Leo Cheng

University of Auckland
Auckland Bioengineering Institute

Leo is an Associate Professor at the Auckland Bioengineering Institute. He graduated from the University of Auckland with a Bachelor of Engineering in Engineering Science with First Class Honours in 1997 and a PhD in Bioengineering in 2002.

Leo's main interests are in understanding electrophysiological events in the gastrointestinal tract and the heart and their relationship to mechanical function. He is also interested in developing methods for non-invasively recording and interpreting the weak electrical and magnetic fields that result from cardiac and gastrointestinal electrical activity.

Leo works closely with a number of international research groups based in the US and Europe (Vanderbilt University, Mayo Clinic, New York Institute of Technology and University of Stuttgart).

Leo has active grants from the Health Research Council of New Zealand, NIH NIDDK, IFFGD and the Heart Foundation (New Zealand).