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Pacific Engagement

Our vision is to increase engagement between Pacific communities and the Aotearoa NZ healthtech sector.

To achieve this we will hold initiatives to:

  • increase awareness among Pacific communities about the potential benefits of being involved in the healthtech sector

  • support cultural responsiveness of those in the healthtech sector to the needs of Pacific communities

  • facilitate opportunities to increase awareness of Pacific peoples’ health and wellbeing priorities, and to work in partnership on co-designed healthtech solutions that are underpinned by Pacific values, languages, and culture

Events and Initiatives

Past Initiatives

Pacific studentships

11 carefully selected students joined the University of Auckland and our collaborators on November 29th. Students worked with research groups contributing to cutting-edge health and/or biomedical engineering research.

Initiatives in planning

Pacific cultural responsiveness workshops

School outreach events and summer studentships

Community showcase TIKI tours

Annual fono to initiate collaborations

Module Leads


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