Platform 5: Software & Modelling


This Platform is developing the software programmes and modelling frameworks that underpin the biophysically based modelling of the MedTech CoRE. These tools and services are used by all Flagships. Much of the work in this Platform is also linked to the international Physiome Project. There are five parts to Platform 5, briefly described here along with their current status.


Principal Investigators

University of Auckland

Associate Investigators

University of Auckland

  • Dr Koray Atalag
  • Dr Chris Bradley
  • Dr Jagir Hussan
  • Dr David (Andre) Nickerson
  • Professor Poul Nielsen
  • Dr Soroush Safaei

ABI Software Team

  • Dr Richard Christie
  • Dr Alan Garny
  • Hugh Sorby
  • Alan Wu
  • Tommy Yu
  • Noel Zeng

Our Work


  • University of Auckland (New Zealand)


  1. ICMA: An Integrated Cardiac Modeling and Analysis Platform
  2. The Open Physiology Workflow: Modeling Processes over Physiology Circuitboards of Interoperable Tissue Units
  3. OpenCOR: A modular and Interoperable Approach to Computational Biology
  4. Using CellML with OpenCMISS to Simulate Multi-Scale Physiology
  5. On Modelling Large Deformations of Heterogeneous Biological Tissues using a Mixed Finite Element Formulation
  6. The CellML 1.1 Specification
  7. The CellML Metadata Framework 2.0 Specification
  8. Big Data, Big Knowledge: Big Data for Personalized Healthcare
  9. Post-mortem Prediction of Primal and Selected Retail Cut Weights of New Zealand Lamb from Carcass and Animal Characteristics
  10. Multi-bio and Multi-scale Systems Biology
  11. The Human Physiome: How Standards, Software and Innovative Service Infrastructures are Providing the Building Blocks to Make it Achievable
  12. The Virtual Esophagus: Investigating Esophageal Functions in Silico
  13. Foreword to the Special Issue on Bone and Cartilage Mechanobiology Across the Scales
  14. The Virtual Physiological Human: Ten Years After
  15. The Virtual Physiological Human: The Physiome Project Aims to Develop Reproducible, Multiscale Models for Clinical Practice
  16. Modular Modelling with Physiome Standards
  17. The Cardiac Physiome Project
  18. Relationship Between Structure and Mechanics for Membranous Tissues
  19. The Physiome Project, openEHR Archetypes and the Digital Patient