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Article source: CIE University of Auckland

Navigating different markets with different healthcare systems can be challenging. Duncan Cunninghame, Vice President of Business Development at The Insides Company, is helping to chart the course in the complex European market and is driven by an entrepreneurial mindset to deliver health impact at scale.

The Insides Company is an innovative medical technology company founded in Aotearoa, New Zealand, aiming to revolutionise the treatment of patients living with intestinal failure. It has been actively growing its worldwide distribution networks so that as many patients as possible across the globe can access their life-changing medical devices. Its’ expansion has been supported by nearly $10 million in capital raised and industry confidence. Their novel chyme reinfusion therapy (CRT) device is only the third medical device in the world to be covered under France’s ‘prise en charge transitoire’ (PECT) reimbursement, a national system for the early coverage of innovative medical technologies.

Health conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease, colorectal cancer, Crohn’s disease and intestinal fistulas are a cause of suffering for people throughout the world, and traditional treatment methods often result in lengthy and costly hospital stays. The benefits of the Insides Company’s revolutionary chyme reinfusion therapy devices include faster patient recovery, improved treatment outcomes and subsequently quality of life. Such life-altering impacts are what drew Duncan Cunninghame to his role and career in the medical technology field.


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