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As an intern holding a Chemistry, Biochemistry, Protein Chemistry, or a related field, your primary role will entail designing and executing experiments, analyzing data, and interpreting results to advance our understanding of biological systems. More specifically, your responsibilities will encompass:

  • Formulation Development: You will play a vital role in creating new formulations and conducting pre-formulation studies. These studies will involve determining active ingredients, assessing material compatibility, and optimizing preparation methods. These formulations are intended for various markets, including biomedical and cosmetics, and are integral to our product development efforts.

  • Developing Testing methodologies: Your duties will include the careful selection of relevant industry standard testing and modify the testing methodologies to suit the material if necessary. The goal is to ensure the developed testing methods fit-for-purpose and are accepted for specific target markets.

  • Strong Communication Skills: You excel in both written and verbal communication, a quality that will be essential as you collaborate with our team and convey your findings effectively.

Participation in these projects offers candidates an excellent opportunity to deepen their grasp of research methodologies and gain hands-on experience in formulating bioactive and functional additives for skincare and biomedical applications. This experience will provide insights into market demands and help appreciate the distinctions between laboratory research formulations and commercially viable formulations, all while considering their intellectual property implications. Interested candidates with the requisite qualifications can contact Dr Bhuvana Kannan at


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