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Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Auckland Bioengineering Institute start-ups spun out from the University of Auckland gathered last month to demonstrate a coming of age for New Zealand’s growing medtech industry.

Article source: Megan Fowler, University of Auckland

ABI's Distinguished Professor Peter Hunter and Dr Diana Siew are co-chairs of the Consortium for Medical Devices and Technology partnership (CMDT), the driving force behind the MedTech-iQ Aotearoa enterprise.

The spinouts - Alimetry, JUNOFEM, Kitea Health, The Insides Company, and OPUM Technologies - were among the young New Zealand-made companies on show at the MedTech-iQ Aotearoa’s unveiling in Wellington. MedTech-iQ Aotearoa is the latest evolutionary step of the Te Tītoki Mataora initiative, the MedTech Research Translator programme co-led by Auckland Bioengineering Institute (ABI), which received $8.1 million investment from MBIE over three years in 2021 to develop new technologies that could transform healthcare.

MedTech-iQ Aotearoa’s three key goals include putting New Zealand on the international map for medical device and digital health innovation, fostering start-ups with business models based on high tech innovation in engineering or major scientific advances, and creating an accessible and patient-centric medtech ecosystem.

Planned virtual hubs and physical medtech precincts in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, and Dunedin will bring deep tech medical device and digital health research, clinical practice, and business into closer proximity with each other. The greater concentration of activity in this area will increase flow and interaction among medtech researchers, startups, hospital-based clinicians and business to accelerate and scale the next generation of digital health and device developments.


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