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Te Tītoki Mataora Future Leaders module lead talks about the work he does and how he landed in his field of expertise. Article source: Megan Fowlie, University of Auckland

One notable quality of Dr Peng Du is his humour. His students agree. He uses it a lot. To engage, to get through 50 minutes of dry lectures. To be humorous, he says, you need to see the funny side of life; equally it’s his way of carrying a truth.

Peng is Associate Director of Research at the Auckland Bioengineering Institute (ABI) and Associate Professor of Engineering. In 15 years of academia at Waipapa Taumata Rau, University of Auckland he has gathered a long list of accolades including the Prime Minister’s MacDiarmid Emerging Scientist Prize in 2019 and the 2022 University of Auckland Research Impact Award antalizing a decade of world-leading research culminating in a non-invasive wearable device, Gastric Alimetry, now used in more than 15 hospitals in five countries. The device records gut bioelectrical activity and Peng’s research has uncovered new disease biomarkers for previously undiagnosable digestive diseases. Alimetry Ltd, the company spun out from the research, grabbed a record three awards at New Zealand’s 2022 Hi-Tech Awards.

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