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To boost your product’s chance of commercial success you need to clearly understand it's market opportunity, and know how to tackle commercial challenges, before you launch – but where do you start?

Callaghan Innovation’s new free resource hub, Product 360, aims to support this crucial work around the commercialisation landscape. Through tailored tools, resources and expert guidance, explore whether your product idea has a market, whether you’d know how to scale, your ability to adapt to change and disruption, and more.

Access over 100 exclusive video case studies of leading Kiwi businesses, including from Ārepa, Ubco and Xero. Hear their firsthand accounts of how to identify and avoid nasty pitfalls in product development, and their own commercialisation journeys.

What else is available on Product360?

  • Curated tools and user guides across eight areas of market validation: Opportunity, business model, selling at scale, development and design, regulations, relationships, adaptability and logistics.

  • Commercialisation challenge scenarios to test with your specific business and product.

  • Links to additional relevant resources.

Suitable for any New Zealand business that wants to better understand the commercial potential of a product idea, Product360 will help your business identify its unique commercialisation needs, as well as any potential roadblocks, to help avoid costly backtracking and time delays.

From logistics and compliance, to the supply chain and sales and support, there’s a lot that needs to go right for a product to be commercially successful, and Product360 will help you work on all of it.

As the hub is entirely online, you can access the resources any time, from anywhere. And because there’s no set order or schedule, you can work through the resources at your own pace.


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