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From left to right: Daniel Ge, Sunny Feng, Isaac Cleland

Article from Aged Plus

Rostering is like doing a 90x90 Sudoku. It is massively time-consuming with so many complexities, trade-offs and often unpredictable demand drivers to consider on a daily basis. From weekly requirements to variable start and finish times, rotating versus fixed patterns, to aligning staff resources to the level of patient care required.

RosterLab is a service provider that delivers automated rostering solutions for healthcare using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology. With a comprehensive yet easy-to-use web application for roster creation linked to a mobile app, RosterLab can automate high-quality rosters in just minutes.

It is essential to have a good roster in healthcare as inadequate staffing coverage can be extremely costly to both the staff and residents.

“Bad rosters will lead to burnout, excess overtime, and resentment among the nurses and healthcare assistants, as some suffer from poor rostering more than others,” explained Daniel Ge, co-founder and Head of Customer Experience for RosterLab.

The underlying artificial intelligence of RosterLab comes from the optimisation and nurse rostering PhD research of one of its founders, doctoral engineer Isaac Cleland.


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