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Chnnl, chief executive, Elizabeth Berryman has seen 30 per cent revenue growth month on month for the last two years, but is now focusing 90 per cent of her business overseas. Source: Stuff NZ

During the Covid-19 pandemic the remote health industry has experienced a boom in growth that is showing no signs of slowing.

Remote healthcare uses technology to monitor or treat patients at home or at work.

It can come as a small piece of equipment such as a rapid antigen test or a heart-rate monitor, but more often it is an app.

But the pace of this quiet growth industry is slowing domestically, forcing the main players to look to overseas expansion, which could leave Kiwis without the benefits of this locally produced technology.

Elizabeth Berryman​ calls herself an "accidental entrepreneur".

She was a medical doctor researching mental health at the University of Otago when she came up with the idea for workplace wellness app.

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