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Article source: The Healthcare Technology Report

Image: Garth Sutherland, CEO of The Insides Company

The Healthcare Technology Report is pleased to announce the Top 50 Healthcare Technology CEOs of 2022. This year’s list comprises a wide array of some of the most accomplished executives in the healthcare technology industry. They have led their firms in advancing and revolutionizing healthcare solutions, spearheading innovations in patient experience and software platforms, medical devices, therapeutics, and other areas.

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, Mick Farrell led ResMed’s global pivot to a 350% increase in production volume of lifesaving ventilators and breathing circuits that helped save hundreds of thousands of lives worldwide. Mike Mussallem has not only led the development and successful implementation of Edwards Lifesciences’ patient-focused innovation strategy, but also established Edwards’ commitment to philanthropy and corporate social responsibility. And as Chairman of Access Healthcare, Anurag Jain has helped his firm scale from 100 people in 2012 to over 18,000 global employees today, while also devoting time to philanthropy and his venture capital firm.

This year’s awardees have also impacted the broader global community through their efforts beyond their organizations. Many are professors, or board members of associations and other companies advancing the healthtech field, or generous philanthropists. And in addition to overseeing their companies’ operations, nearly half either founded or co-founded the company they lead. They come from a variety of backgrounds and have wide-ranging professional histories, but they share at least one thing in common: they have all led their company to new heights through their dedication, ingenuity, and commitment to both their employees and their customers. Please join us in honoring The Top 50 Healthcare Technology CEOs of 2022.


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