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Research Acceleration Project (RAP) Thank you to those who submitted proposals. We are now pleased to announce that the projects below have been successfully funded. Congratulations to all the successful teams.

Stage I (Round II – 2 projects out of 5 submissions awarded funding)

  • Technology for inner ear visualization towards better diagnosis and management of hearing loss – Haruna Suzuki-Kerr et al

  • Addressing the healthcare needs of Parkinson’s disease in New Zealand patients and whanau, an integrative approach – Victor Dieriks et al

Stage II (Round I – 6 projects of 14 submissions awarded funding)

  • Statistical Shape Model for customised post-breast surgery bras – Edgar Rodriguez et al

  • Your head is humming, and it won't go: Development of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven wearable Electroencephalography (EEG) array for guiding tinnitus treatment – Grant Searchfield et al

  • Personalising lymphoedema management: Clinical pilot study of a novel imaging device – Hayley Reynolds et al

  • VR rehabilitation post TBI: a clinical trial – Jo Nunnerley et al

  • Smart surgical navigation for ACL reconstruction – Marco Schneider et al

  • A soft pressure-sensitive skin to measure lymphoedema treatment efficiency – Samuel Rosset et al

Stage III (Round I still in progress)

  • 4 teams have been invited to provide proposals for funding to be considered in the final stage of the RAP Stage III process. These proposals are due shortly and will then make their way through the assessment process.

Thank you to everyone that have participated in Stage I and Stage II funding rounds. The RAP Exec Team will be providing one-to-one feedback to those that have been unsuccessful this time to help support new applications.

The submission cut-off for the next round of Stage I is 30th May at 12pm. You can send in your proposal for this fund any time. The funding guideline documents and timeline are on our website – please reach out if you have any questions by replying to this email.

The RAP Stage II guidelines are being refined based on the feedback we have received and will be published shortly.

Upcoming Events

  • TTM Manaaki Sessions for Clinicians and Researchers Next session 21st April 7pm Who are you as a Tiriti partner and how does Te Tiriti apply to your research and/or clinical work? The manaaki sessions are a safe online space for both Māori and non-Māori alike to participate in open discussions around our understandings and experiences of Te Tiriti. You are welcome to attend as many sessions as you like, no preparation, registration, or homework required! Find out how to join and see the schedule on our events page here. Please feel free to contact Misty directly for more information:

  • TTM Commercial Translation Module Speaker Series: What investors are looking for Thursday 28th April 1:00pm – 2:00pm Raising capital is a key portion of any healthtech commercialisation journey but understanding the investor landscape and knowing where to begin can be difficult to determine. Join us for an in-depth discussion to hear from our investment experts on the opportunities they have on offer and how to best approach these different types. Read more and register here.

  • NZGCP and Angel AssociationNZ Early-stage Investment Series Workshops: Building for Growth Thursday 5th May 9:30am – 12:00pm This workshop focuses on building companies for growth in New Zealand and offshore. Scaling high growth companies is all about creating business models and designing your organization to generate exponential (or "hockey stick") revenue growth avoiding stall-points and without adding a ton of extra costs. Read more and register here.

  • Biobridge: Covid Accelerating Technology Thursday May 12th 1:00pm – 3:00pm This workshop brings together a panel of experts exploring Covid-19, the potential long term effects and the technologies assisting healthcare during this pandemic and for the future. Read more and register here.


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