Dry Electrodes for EEG measurement

Project Team Leader
Dr Andrew Lowe, AUT

Project Team
A/Prof David Budgett, UoA
Dr Ray Simpkin, Callaghan Innovation
Dr. Isaac Warbrick, AUT
Dr. Anubha Kalra, AUT
Dr. Gautam Anand, AUT

Project Summary
Adhesive Ag/AgCl electrodes are widely used for biopotential monitoring e.g. of electroencephalograph (EEG), electrocardiograph (ECG), etc. However good signals are highly dependent on adequate skin preparation (hair removal, abrasion, hydration/penetration of stratum corneum) and electrodes can only be used for short periods (typically up to a few hours) before drying and skin irritation. These limit long-term monitoring applications especially for EEG measurements: people don’t want to shave, abrade and apply messy pastes to their heads.