Dry Electrodes for EEG measurement

Project Team Leader
Dr Andrew Lowe, AUT

Project Team
A/Prof David Budgett, UoA
Dr Ray Simpkin, Callaghan Innovation
Dr. Isaac Warbrick, AUT
Dr. Anubha Kalra, AUT
Dr. Gautam Anand, AUT
Mr. Jardin Green, AUT
Mr. Colin Anderson, AUT
Dr. Donna Cleveland, AUT

Project Summary
Adhesive Ag/AgCl electrodes are widely used for biopotential monitoring e.g. of electroencephalograph (EEG), electrocardiograph (ECG), etc. However good signals are highly dependent on adequate skin preparation (hair removal, abrasion, hydration/penetration of stratum corneum) and electrodes can only be used for short periods (typically up to a few hours) before drying and skin irritation. These limit long-term monitoring applications especially for EEG measurements: people don’t want to shave, abrade and apply messy pastes to their heads.