Project Team Leader
Dr Andrew McDaid, UoA

Project Team
Prof Peter McNair, AUT
Brian Russell, OPUM Technologies Ltd
Mr Simon Young, WDHB
Brydi Steele, Knee Care Clinic
Prof Arun Jayaraman, Shirley Ryan Lab
Prof Constance Chu, US Veterans Affairs
Prof Matt Smuch, Stanford Medicine
Dr Matire Harwood, UoA

Project Summary
The team behind this research has developed an automated therapy and diagnosis platform for remote rehabilitation of conditions associated with the knee joint (e.g. in knee replacement, anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) ruptures and quadriceps ruptures). The platform is positioned to help improve clinical efficiency and efficacy of treatment using sensor data collected from a passive or robotic knee brace, and analytics to monitor patient progress and manage the rehabilitation programme. This is essentially similar to the AbleX Healthcare system for upper limb rehabilitation. The technology is patented and start-up, OPUM Technologies Ltd, is the commercialisation vehicle. Early stage clinical validation has been undertaken by independent orthopaedic surgeons and physiotherapists for novelty and potential usability from various US organisations – Veterans Association, Stanford Medicine, SRA and Lim Innovations - who have indicated their interest in participating in future funding rounds and trials.
Funding is sought to undertake two pilot trials to accurately validate the platform and translate it into clinical practice. This will help define the clinical and commercial pathway for the technology and for industry partner, OPUM.