The Baby-Link: A neonatal intensive care device for avoiding parenteral nutrition

Project Team Leader
A/Prof Gregory O'Grady

Project Team
Rob Davidson (Industry – Surgical Design Studio),
Prof Spencer Beasley, UoO
Dr. Max Berry, UoO
Dr. Stephen Evans, ADHB
Kaitlyn Chu, UoA
Kent Lee, UniServices

Project Summary
Necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) is a severe disease affecting premature and neonatal infants, where a portion of the bowel becomes ‘ischaemic’ (loses its blood supply), and dies. The specific cause is unclear, but involves a combination of inadequate intestinal perfusion and infection. About 7% of premature infants are affected by NEC, typically occurring within 4 weeks of birth, and 1:4 of these babies will die.