Following are the current Seed Projects that are being worked on.

Seed Projects Round 3 (October 2015)

A web-based software tool for spinal fusion surgery for improved clinical outcomes
Dr Julie Choisne et al

Development of Bioengineering Tools to Improve Decision-Making in Ankle-Foot Orthotics Prescription and Design for Children with Cerebral Palsy
Dr Geoff Handsfield et al

Sphere-templated porous polymers as novel bone graft alternatives
Dr David Musson et al

Anastomotic leak sensor for colorectal surgery
Dr Greg O'Grady et al

Seed Projects Round 2 (April 2015)

Immersive virtual reality rehabilitation post Spinal Cord Injury
Dr Swati Gupta et al

Wide peripheral imaging laparoscopic ultrasound to guide invasive probes for ablation treatments
Dr Paul Harris et al

Long-term engagement to lower-limb stroke rehabilitation through a digitally manufactured exergame system
A/Prof Edgar Rodriguez-Ramirez et al

A device for the assessment of visual function in young children
Dr Jason Turuwhenua et al

Seed Projects Round 1 (Dec 2014)

Smart inertial-based joint loading prediction: Application to orthopaedic implants
Dr Justin Fernandez et al

Inpatient rehabilitation goals portal
A/Prof Duncan Babbage et al

Drains that actually drain: Fundamental redesign of surgical drainage catheters
Dr Anthony Phillips et al

Acoustic emission sensing: Diagnosis of total hip replacement
Dr Geoff Rodgers et al

A model-assisted diagnostic package for clinical electrogastrography
Dr Peng Du et al