Investigating design requirements of a mobile persuasive game for children with skin conditions

Project Team Leader
Dr Edgar Rodríguez Ramírez, VUW

Project Team
Dr Robyn Whittaker, UoA, Waitemata DHB
Gillian McCarthy, VUW
Dr Lance O’Sullivan, Navilluso

Project Summary
This proposal advances a mobile app concept that help children understand skin infections and motivate treatment adherence. In the first instance, this is targeted at an impetigo treatment regime in children in low socio economic groups. The project is in collaboration with Dr Lance O’Sullivan and addresses the needs of the Maori community in the Northland. The route to market is via Navilluso, which runs a telehealth platform, iMoko, and associated programmes to reduce access to health services in high needs communities. A good team of experts in medical technology and serious game design, and community health supports this proposal.