Professor Alistair Young

University of Auckland

Professor Young’s principal research interest is the analysis of medical images using mathematical modeling techniques. He has been working in this area since 1985, and his Master's and PhD projects on the analysis of coronary cineangiograms were mentored by Peter Hunter and Bruce Smaill.

During 1991-1993 Professor Young was a postdoctural research fellow under Leon Axel in the Medical Image Processing Group at the University of Pennsylvania where he developed a method for reconstructing the 3D motions and deformations of the heart from tagged cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

Professor Young relocated back to New Zealand with the help of an HRC Repatriation Fellowship, and was subsequently appointed Lecturer in Biomedical Imaging jointly in the Department of Anatomy with Radiology and the Department of Physiology.

He is now Head of the Department of Anatomy with Radiology, principal investigator at Auckland Bioengineering Institute, and research manager of the Centre for Advanced MRI. He leads the Cardiac Atlas Project (, a world-wide collaboration to understand how the heart adapts its shape and function to risk factors and disease processes.