Dr Nanette Schleich

University of Otago
Radiation Therapy
Email: [email protected]

Nanette is a medical physics researcher working in the areas of medical imaging and radiation therapy, extending monoenergetic and MARS spectral CT imaging to pre-clinical cancer research. Specific interests are the development of new imaging techniques for mouse brains with and without brain cancers (GBM) using (1) MARS, (2) synchrotron CT followed by dual-energy X-ray analysis (DEXA) and (3) phase contrast imaging.
Related 'pre-pre-clinical' research includes the assessment of (4) tissue preservation methods of mice and (5) 3D printing of imaging and calibration test objects for suitability in monoenergetic and spectral CT, and (6) the development of imaging quality control procedures for and (7) the evaluation of radiation dose delivered with low-dose synchrotron CT and MARS micro-CT.