Dr Pierson Rathinaraj

Waikato Institute of Technology
Email: Pierson. [email protected]

Research Team Manager

Pierson Rathinaraj currently employed in Waikato Institute of Technology as Research Team manager. Pierson has completed his doctoral study in Organic Chemistry from Inje University in South Korea. After graduation, Pierson did his postdoctoral research in biomedical engineering for two years in Kyungpook National University -South Korea and a year and half in Auckland University of Technology (IBTec)- New Zealand before coming to Wintec. With his academic and research experience, Pierson holds unique integrated research in bio-nanotechnology for extensive preparation and characterization of both gold nanoparticle and grapheme oxide in cancer cell targeting and drug delivery. Pierson has developed skills in bio -sensing materials conjugated nanoparticles for protein detection and holds vast experience in handling analytical tools for biomedical research with innovative academic publications.