John Bancroft

Manager, Industry Engagement

John is Manager, Industry Engagement in the Research and Innovation Office at Auckland University of Technology, concentrating on developing collaborations and partnerships across NZ and the Asia-Pacific region, to generate income to enable world class research, development, innovation and economic impact.

John graduated as a chemist from UMIST, is Visiting Professor of Science and Innovation at the University of Huddersfield, a founder member of the UK E-infrastructure Leadership Council (ELC), a member of the ARCHIE-WeST Supercomputing Centre International Advisory Panel and the N8 HPC Industrial Advisory Board, and a Fellow of the UK Institute of Sales and Marketing Management.

John was Director of the Hartree Centre at STFC, in which role he secured over £70M of investment; this included £40M for the Centre and £30M for the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) project.

John has worked in sales and marketing roles across Europe, North America, India and Asia-Pacific in a great variety of industries and markets, including a period in the USA and for the last eighteen years has worked in technology transfer, start-up and business model development and Intellectual Property exploitation roles.