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Our Affiliates

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Ara Manawa is a creative team developing future products, experiences, and spaces at Papakainga Atawhai (Auckland City Hospital) and Te Whatu Ora. Ara Manawa connects design problems from within the healthcare environment to New Zealand design schools for exploration.

Associate Partners


i3 is a place where ideas are encouraged, creativity cultivated and energy is contagious. They recognise that transformational change that will bring about sustained, reliable organisation-wide and evidence-based improvements in patient care.

Research Affiliates

Environmental Science and Research.png

ESR is a government owned Crown Research Institute. They provide operational science and research services which underpin New Zealand's health, justice and biosecurity systems.

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Massey University is a university based in Palmerston North, New Zealand, with significant campuses in Albany and Wellington.

Clinical Affiliates

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Waitaha Canterbury collaborates with other health and disability organisations, stakeholders and our community to decide what health and disability services are needed and how to best use the funding we receive from Government to improve, promote and protect the health, wellbeing and independence of the people of the Canterbury region.

RHCNZ & Icons.png

RHCNZ Medical Imaging Group is a large New Zealand owned company that includes Auckland, Bay and Pacific Radiology and operates clinics through Aotearoa. With a team of more than 150 sub-specialised Radiologists, we are at the forefront of medical imaging expertise. Our Medical Imaging systems, including over 30 tertiary level MRI scanners, scans almost 20% of the NZ population annually. The organisation is actively involved in research and clinical trials across the country and is committed to promoting excellence in imaging and improving patient outcomes. 

Industry Affiliates

AbleX Logo

Connecting patients, therapists and the care team through an automated platform to achieve the extraordinary  neurological recoveries all day, every day. Creating easy to use devices for hands and feet, and creating more expert methods of workflow and efficacy data to support the application of the ableX system for greater ranges of impairments and wider reach cross neurological conditions.

Adept Medical Logo

Adept Medical develops, manufactures and supplies medical products internationally. Our range of Interventional Cardiology / Neuro-Radiology patient access and positioning devices have been developed with local clinicians here in New Zealand. We also supply solutions for Otology, Rhinology and Sterilisation Services.

Adherium Logo

Adherium is a global leader in digital health technologies which address sub-optimal medication use in chronic disease. The company’s Smartinhaler™ platform has the broadest range of medication sensors for use with prescription therapies for chronic respiratory disease globally and has been independently proven to significantly improve health outcomes for patients with asthma and COPD.

ARANZ Medical.png

ARANZ Medical is a healthcare informatics company focused on innovative medical imaging and data-capture devices, as well as the associated software to analyse and report on the information captured. The Silhouette product suite is primarily used for wounds and skin disruptions, and is well suited to clinical trial and telemedicine applications.

Atlantis Health.jpg

Worldwide, we help healthcare and life sciences organizations to achieve their patient engagement and behavior change objectives, provide better patient experiences, and gain valuable real-world data and insights.


From everyday activities through to professional sporting events - improve your active lifestyle with innovative custom orthotics from Auckland Orthotics. We’re the only company in Australasia that uses 3D biometric technology to create custom orthotics specifically designed just for you and your individual requirements.

BeSure Solutions.png

BeSure Solutions develop and produce sensor systems to provide relief for families and retirement village staff with non-invasive care technology for elderly people who value their independence.

Beta Solutions.jpg

From start-up businesses requiring the development of new products, to established companies needing a transformation of ageing products Beta Solutions Ltd is your partner of choice for embedded electronic design.

Caduceus Medical Development.jfif

Caduceus Medical Development (Caduceus) is a leading international service provider to the biomedical, pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and veterinary sectors.

Cerebral Fix.png

Cerebralfix is a one of a kind game development studio in the Southern hemisphere. Setting our roots in the social and casual gaming markets, we have rapidly become noted for our exceptional dedication to producing world-class results.


Chiptech Limited specialises in the design and manufacture of digital telecare, providing innovative and reliable solutions aimed at supporting people in their environment, so they can enjoy their independence and feel safe. Chiptech supplies and supports monitoring companies with a broad range of reliable, high quality products, and intelligent software.


Dynamic is a world leader in innovating electronic solutions that make life’s experiences possible. Their technology is used globally by a number of leading wheelchair and scooter manufacturers. The company produces a wide range of solutions including systems for the control of high-end power wheelchairs that offer full actuator movement, 3rd party specialist controls and connectivity to mainstream technology.

Endo Technologies.png

Endo Technologies

Endo Technologies has developed a method for cleaning endoscopes that eliminates human fatigue, RSI and potential errors from manual cleaning. It is a fast process with quick turnaround, ensuring a consistently high level of decontamination for each endoscope.

Fisher and Paykel Healthcare.jpg

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare are a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of products and systems for use in respiratory care, acute care, and the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea. Their products and systems are sold in over 120 countries worldwide.


The mission of FlexiMap is to advance physiological solutions, in order to improve the diagnostic accuracy and therapy for patients who suffer the burden of GI motility disorders. The company holds a portfolio of technologies that offer solutions to directly address the main challenge of gastrointestinal motility diseases - reliable and accurate techniques to pinpoint and treat contributing causes.

Formus Labs.png

Formus Labs provides cloud-based solutions for custom orthopaedic design. Our platform brings clinicians and engineers together with cutting-edge automation and interactive web-technology. Our goal is to work with orthopaedic providers to make custom orthopaedics accurate, accessible, and scalable.

health kiosk.jpg

Health Test Ltd design and develop biometric health monitoring equipment under the brand Health Kiosk. Our range of health kiosks are used in hospitals, medical centres, workplaces, and retail organisations. They provide individuals with the means to measure, track and manage their vital health parameters and take greater ownership of their health.

Health Systems Limited.PNG

Health Systems offers practice leading non-invasive cardiac, vascular and pulmonary monitoring devices.


HealthTRx creates new pathways for the delivery of e-therapy services: new and effective ways of engaging service users and establishing collaborative partnerships.


HeartLab is dedicated to changing heart health with artificial intelligence. Using sophisticated deep learning and biophysical modelling techniques built into our online platform we are enabling personalised care, down to the patient level.


Health Economics Consulting NZ helps organisations and health systems navigate openness and transparency in investment decisions by offering health economics services.  

HT Systems.png

HT Systems was formed in 2018, to build on over two decades of product development and research by the University of Canterbury. Our innovative Kera patient lifter quickly and easily assists a single carer to transfer frail and immobile patients between sitting positions.

I Measure U.png

I Measure U has developed a new innovative way to measure body movement, providing quantifiable and intelligent feedback to the user to reduce the risk of injury, increase performance and amplify success. I Measure U creates sensors that are based on the lightest, smallest and most robust units in the world. Their expertise comes through coupling sensor data with physiologically derived mathematical models in order to accurately quantify movement and performance.


inFact is an internationally successful innovation product design and engineering company. inFact specializes in hi-tech electronics, software, industrial design and medical device design.


Invetus Ltd is a CRO providing animal models for generating data on new pharmaceuticals and vaccines, and for evaluating the safety of medical devices. In addition, the company undertakes toxicology testing of new products with biological activity using laboratory animals.

Lifetime health diary.png

Lifetime Health Diary™ is a innovative online platform that integrates clinical data and background health data around the patient, engages patients in monitoring their own health, provides clinicians with a comprehensive, longitudinal history of a patients health background via temporal correlation (one summary page at a glance), and creates a comprehensive and holistic view of the patient.

MARS Bioimaging.jpg

MARS promises to revolutionize diagnostic imaging by quantifying the elements and compounds of a sample in a single scan. It is the first commercially available 3D spectral (multi-energy) scanner to produce in vivo images with anatomic and molecular quantification at a fraction of the cost, time, and radiation dose of traditional molecular imaging, such as PET or SPECT.

Materials Optimisation.jpg

Materials Optimization is a NZ based global materials solution provider for all engineering and technical applications. We are a niche specialty boutique materials service solution provider.

Medical Plastics.jpg

Medical Plastics offers expert advice on the design, materials and production techniques that deliver the best quality and cost effective results in injection moulded plastics. The company is currently working with both domestic and offshore companies.

Screenshot 2022-09-29 151402.jpg

Nautech specialises in producing electronics for sectors with demanding and highly specialised quality and performance requirements.  More than 90% of Nautech’s production is exported. Nautech also maintains an R&D department which offers consultancy services in Electronics Engineering and Design for Manufacture. This enables Nautech to offer clients a complete service that runs from the initial product concept to final assembly, or any single stage within the complete process.


oDocs Eye Care designs and produces an ultra-portable eye exam system for smartphones. Our application and specialized adapters assist clinicians with visualization and documentation of eye conditions that lead to vision loss. Our aim is to reduce the incidence of preventable blindness around the world.


Our 3D printed titanium orthopaedic implants encourage rapid bone in-growth without the use of graft or other biologics. Our paint-by-numbers surgical guides can reduce surgical time by over fifty percent. We treat a new patient every day in New Zealand alone and offer advanced treatments at the intersection of health and veterinary care.


Ossis' biomedical design engineers work with clinicians, research organisations, manufacturing and materials technology developers and other implant designers to develop innovative implant solutions for surgeons and their patients, both in New Zealand, and overseas.

Panacea Healthcare.png

Panacea Healthcare provides quality focused home support and home nursing care. Care ranges from simple home help through to complex serious injury home support - spinal injury and traumatic brain injury.


Pictor is a biotechnology company based in Auckland, New Zealand. The company develops, manufactures and markets immunodiagnostic products based on a multiplexed and miniaturized Elisa technology platform.

Rex Bionics.jfif

Rex Bionics is the pioneer of REX® that provides robotic standing, walking and exercise support for people with mobility impairments; and is typically used by people who have suffered a spinal cord injury, stroke, traumatic brain injury or other neurological condition.


Robotechnology is a design and technology -based research and development studio that builds innovative products. We provide consulting to industry for product development, design analysis, prototyping, testing and manufacture. We offer unique design services and solutions for product development.

Shamrock Industries.png

As Contract Manufacturer Supplier to the Biomedical Sector, there is more to us than just precision mechanical engineering services. Shamrock provides true partnership to bring ideas to life through innovative thinking and manufacturing design solutions. Our Operations undertake complex 3D precision machining and sophisticated manufacturing, either designed by us or to your brief. We use an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System methodology to assure delivery in full, on time, in specification.

SHI Global.jpg

Using our cloud software platform Go Well Health, clinicians in just a minute, can deliver their patients with small, easy to understand parcels of information, videos, activities and messages of support at just the right time throughout their medical journey and across all major medical events.

Shore Orthotics.png

Shore Orthotics designs, fabricates and fits patients with custom-made orthoses and prostheses. We consult, evaluate and provide treatments to all age groups with varying needs, including people with everyday complaints, sports people with injuries and patients recovering from surgery.


People learn best by doing. SimTutor is a platform that enables anyone with basic IT skills to quickly and easily create truly interactive web based learning modules, distribute that learning then measure completion and results. SimTutor can be used for staff training, product tutorials for customers, employee screening/onboarding and more.

Spark 64.png

Spark 64 is a New Zealand company of AI innovators on a mission to make cutting edge AI accessible. Our goal is to help your business leverage AI to sacel, increase efficiency and create new competitive advantages.

Stickmen Studios.png

Stickmen Studios is dedicated to producing original and compelling games for Console, PC and handheld platforms. The company's goal is Breakthrough gaming.


StretchSense is working with the medical device industry to answer the question "How does that feel?". StretchSense makes rubber bands with Bluetooth, stretch them or squeeze them and we can very accurately tell you how much their shape has changed. They are ideal for measuring human movement and for instrumenting soft medical devices, and enable designers to quantitatively evaluate how their wearable device interacts with the human body. 


Founded in 2010, Surgionix was formed to develop a new innovative ground breaking technology which challenges century old surgical techniques. The SLICK Drill Bit System. In its short life span, Surgionix has managed to bring the SLICK Drill Bit to market along with investing boldly in the research and development of several additional innovative products.
With our passion and commitment to on-going research and development, Surgionix has several revolutionary pipeline products under different development phases.


Swibo turns everyday physiotherapy into an exciting and engaging experience with Swibo Tilt, a balance training system for lower limb injury.

The Clinician.png

The Clinician was formed in November 2015 and is a Health IT company with a focus on driving better care outcomes while improving organisational efficiency's and reducing costs. The Clinicians flagship product is ZEDOC - a cloud based Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that operates within existing clinical workflows, communicating directly with both patients and care teams, to enable the distribution, collection and analysis of Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) throughout the patient care continuum in the clinic or remotely between visits.


Thought-Wired is an Auckland-based hi-tech social enterprise start-up creating nous™. nous™ uses brain-sensing technology to allow people with disabilities to communicate and interact. Thought-Wired aims to make the world universally accessible to everyone.


Based at the BOP Polytechnic in Tauranga, Titanium Industry Development ltd (TiDA) conducts research and development of powder metallurgy, titanium materials, other metallic materials and advanced manufacturing methods.

Tiro Medical.png

Tiro Medical develops tools for the Digital Medicine sector, creating products that enhance the clinical decision making process, improving the standard of care whilst reducing healthcare expenditure. Our technologies are beneficial to many areas of the healthcare industry, from point of care tools through to departmental and organisational monitoring, review and refinement.

Titanium Solutions.jpg

Titanium Solutions provides web based oral health software and technology for clinical records, treatment planning, scheduling, analysis and digital imaging primarily for public dental/oral health services and dental universities.

Toku Eyes.png

Toku Eyes have developed a multi-modal artificial intelligence platform for instant healthcare diagnostics, personalised prognostics and general health risk assessments using retinal images to screen for preventable blindness.


Vensa’s mission is to connect the world with access to healthcare services and meaningful information to create better wellbeing. The platform allows health practitioners to provide online services, which translate to offline services, these include a child getting his immunization on time, or women detecting breast cancer early. Vensa provides text reminders to patients which include appointments, medication scripts, medication taking and laboratory tests recalls, lab result and other adhoc messages. Vensa is interested in advancing its communication platform into a system that produces personalised information to patients with its next generation platform.

Viewpoint medical.png

More than 1 billion Intravenous (IV) procedures are performed worldwide each year, with IV placement failure being the primary problem. To reduce failure rates and improve patient vasculature visualisation, medical professionals will use Viewpoint.

Virtual Medical Coaching.jfif

Virtual Medical Coaching has partnered with Skilitics-Health and Siemens-Healthineers to offer you the world’s first true Virtual Reality applications for learning medical procedures such as Radiography, CT, Midwifery, and Radiation Safety in the Operating Theatre.

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