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The future of healthcare is affordable, personalised medicine accessible by all.  The overarching vision of the MedTech Research Network and CMDT is to create next generation healthcare solutions to support the shift in the way healthcare will operate.


There are five themes that encompass medical technologies in Aotearoa New Zealand. Click on the titles to learn more.

Person looking under Microscope

WHAT: Personalised diagnostics and treatments for improved screening, diagnosis and prognosis based on new measurement methods, physiological modelling, and AI/machine learning. An emphasis is on affordable and accessible healthcare technologies.


WHY: To address the need for affordable and accessible healthcare technologies that can provide prompt and accurate assessment and diagnosis.

WHAT: Wearable and implantable technologies that promote treatments to help provide better outcomes. This area covers technologies used to support people to live more effectively in the community to technologies used in hospitals, including for surgical care from surgery planning to new surgical instruments, and 3D bioprinting for regenerative medicine applications.


WHY: To deliver scalable more individualised, less invasive, and more effective interventions to meet clinical priorities.

Doctor Operating CT Scanner
Technician fitting robotic arm to patient - image by ThisisEngineering RAEng

WHAT: “Smart” solutions that meet the needs of people with long-term health conditions and support them to maximise recovery and function.


WHY: Technology based approaches to rehabilitation allow us to scale initiatives beyond current workforce constraints and cross access barriers to target communities in an appropriate manner.

WHAT: Tele-monitoring and digital technologies that can improve the efficiency of care in hospitals, the community and homes. Novel software solutions for health literacy and education is included.


WHY: To provide remote means to support the management of health conditions and the maintenance of healthy lifestyles.

Doctor explaining results to patient
Model of lungs - image by Robina Weermeijer

WHAT: New technologies outside the categories above, such as applications of Extended Reality, developments in surgical robotics, or multi-material 3D printing for biomedical simulation.


WHY: To identify new innovations and developments that promise a positive impact on healthcare of the future. This can include new developments or the significant repurposing of existing technologies.

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