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Endo45 cofounder Juliet Oliver engineered her way out of chronic pain and turned it into a tech startup. Now she manages both her health and a growing business.

Source: Mary Hurley, Caffeine Daily

Turning 30 marked a pivotal time for Juliet Oliver (image left).

She came off the contraceptive pill, which she’d been on for much of her adult life. It triggered a storm of health symptoms, including debilitating pain and deep fatigue.

At the same time, a new job opportunity propelled Oliver into a leadership role, demanding her last energy reserves and exacerbating the symptoms. 

“My personal and professional life suffered immensely,” she says. “But when you have this [pain] that keeps you up at night, and it’s tormenting you, you can’t help yourself but to sort of just be on the internet all night trying to figure out what on Earth is going on.” 

Oliver was eventually diagnosed with endometriosis, a condition that affects one in ten girls, women, and individuals born with a uterus, leading to severe pain, fertility challenges, and a drastic reduction in quality of life. Often, the only treatment available is pain management.

“My journey with my disease was debilitating, horrific and filled with misdiagnosis, much like everyone else,” she says. 

Oliver refused to accept that living with pain was her only option, so drew on her engineering background in the search for answers. “I’m wired to troubleshoot and solve problems.” 

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