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Dr Sarvnaz (Sarv) Taherian from Ara Manawa, Te Whatu Ora Auckland’s design and innovation studio, discusses learnings from a recently concluded pilot medtech incubator programme at Auckland Hospital.

Article source: Dr Sarvnaz (Sarv) Taherian & HealthTech Activator

Who we are

Ara Manawa is a relatively young (5 years young!) design and innovation studio embedded within Te Whatu Ora, Te Toka Tumai, Auckland. We are a team of 17 multi-disciplinary researchers, designers, architects, and engineers who work collaboratively across different services in Auckland Hospital and now nationally, thanks to the vision of the current health transformation. Our role is to deeply understand different problem spaces within our health services, products, and spaces - and create novel, future-focused solutions.

My name is Sarv, and I have had the privilege of being in this team for the past three years, starting off as a designer and now one of the team managers. It’s been one of the greatest joys of my life working in this team.

Exploring how to enable innovation in the hospital

The work we do is infinitely interesting, and more importantly, meaningful – figuring out how to deliver better health outcomes for our people. One of my main programmes of work has been to explore how we can enable more innovation, particularly the translation of research. In January last year, I was honoured to receive a Health Research Council career development award to focus on understanding how we can enable our clinicians to innovate.


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