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A global health technology software leader, Volpara Health Technologies Limited (ASX:VHT) has teamed up with Riverain Technologies to drive expansion of its software platform into the US lung cancer screening market. The partnership will serve a bigger purpose of saving more lives from cancer.

For several healthcare organisations, it becomes a challenge to track patients and ensure that they receive screening and follow-up exams on time. But Volpara’s patient reporting, tracking, and risk assessment software can solve the issue by efficiently detecting lung nodules and tracking patients throughout the screening and diagnostic process. Also, Riverain’s effective artificial intelligence solution will build on its lung reporting and tracking capabilities.

Overall, the collaboration will improve access to accurate and efficient lung nodule detection, specifically across the Veterans Integrated Service Network (VISN), where both the firms offer services at multiple sites.

Volpara’s role in saving families from lung cancer

With an integrated platform for personalised breast care, Volpara entered the screening market in June 2019. The acquisition of Aspen® Lung from MRS Systems, Inc. was one of its initial steps of progression in the lung cancer screening market.

Volpara Lung software stands out as the finest screening solution for lung cancer, as it helps in keeping a track of patients who are overdue for their follow-up exams or screening. The software allows smooth patient management via advanced, integrated, and adaptable reporting, tracking, and risk assessment at every stage, be it scheduling or diagnosis. It provides customisable reminders, structured reporting, and over 40 statistical reports to monitor and track patients.

Also, Volpara Lung performs the task of collecting and checking patient details and other related information for reimbursement purposes.


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