RAP Funding

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Collaboration & Ideation

Stage 1 RAP funding supports the formation of new collaborative relationships between researchers, clinicians, companies and/or partnerships with Māori and Pacific communities.

This is an open call for proposals and submission can be made at any time. Proposals are reviewed every two months and awarded within 2 weeks.


Concept Seeding

Stage II RAP funding identifies concepts with the potential to be viable for clinical application and commercialisation.

There are two calls for proposals (RfP), November 2021 and June 2022. These will be awarded April and September 2022, respectively.



Stage III RAP acceleration funding is to support projects to refine proven concept and prototypes including small scale clinical trials and preparation for commercial readiness.

Applications for this fund are by invitation. There is an interview process prior to submission of a proposal. Awards will be made May and October 2022.


Do I have to complete the entire RAP funding pathway?

You can enter the pathway either at stage 1 or stage 2, however, to apply for stage 3 funding you must have successfully completed stage 2.


Can I apply for seed funding more than once?

Yes, you can apply for stage 1 and 2 funding more than once, however, it would require a strategy as to why you are coming back a second time, particularly for stage 2.


How many collaborations are required for this programme?

For stage 1 and stage 2 funding, you must have a collaboration of at least 2 organisations with one of them being a member of the CMDT.

For stage 3, a single organisation can apply alone.


Can I bring international collaborators?

Yes, we do encourage international collaboration. Your international collaborators will need to bring their own funding to support their side of the project.

Find out more about the Research Acceleration Programme here

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