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Tools and Templates

8. Implementation

7. Clinical + user validation

6. Validation testing of prototype

5. Quality and Regulatory Management

4. Building a prototype solution

3. Solution Ideation

2. Connect with Experts

1. Qualify need

1. Qualify Clinical Need

What is the problem you want to solve?


Consulting with relevant healthcare workers, patients, and communities will help you determine the nature and significance of the problem to be solved. Your key connections and networks are one of your greatest resources.

It is also important you understand how others have tried to meet this need through systematic literature review, patents and competitor searchers. 


You can begin by assessing who you are already connected to and who you will need to connect with using a stakeholder map. 

The Bridging Business and Science programme is supported by two interns from the University of Auckland Master of Bioscience Enterprise programme who will assess the size of your potential market(s) and competitors. Please contact us to access this programme.

Watch our panel discussion which delves into how to connect with clinicians to contribute to your research, and navigate the process of clinical input & validation. Obtaining clinical input is essential for the successful development of medical technologies. 


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