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"We are seeking a passionate and dedicated PhD candidate ready to make a significant impact in oral health research.

Join our dynamic research team and contribute to cutting-edge advancements in an interdisciplinary research environment.

Supported by the New Zealand Foundation for Orthodontic Research and Education Charitable Trust, we offer coverage for PhD stipends and enrolment fees.

The Project: Explore diverse research projects, including understanding jaw function, algorithm for automated identification of bruxism (e.g., tooth clenching and grinding), AI-based smile research, and the development of in mouth wearable devices to be used in dentistry and orthodontics. Specific project details and expected start dates are available upon inquiry.

We welcome applications from engineers and computer scientists. A thorough understanding of biomedical signal analysis and time-series will be a strong advantage.

Application Requirements:

🎓Master's Degree in a Relevant Field: Candidates with a strong background, bioengineering, computer sciences and/or related disciplines are encouraged to apply.

💡Research Enthusiasm: Demonstrate a genuine passion for advancing knowledge in oral health research through rigorous inquiry.

📄Strong Academic Record: Showcase a history of academic excellence and the potential to excel in a doctoral program.

How to Apply: Submit your application, including a detailed CV, academic transcripts, and a compelling statement of research interests and career goals, to []. Applications are open until the position is filled. We aim to complete the selection process by the end of March 2024.”


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