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Source: Centre for Innovation & Entrepreneurship Newsroom

Toku, founded by Waipapa Taumata Rau, University of Auckland scientist Associate Professor Ehsan Vaghefi, is driven by a deeply personal mission. Ehsan’s father lost his vision to glaucoma, a disease that could have been treated, sparking Ehsan’s determination to prevent such needless suffering. Initially known as Toku Eyes, the company has since broadened its focus from ocular health to addressing wide-ranging cardiovascular risks. Utilising advanced AI technology, Toku’s CLAiR platform scans the eye to predict not only blindness but also the likelihood of other cardiovascular diseases and events like strokes and heart attacks. It is currently used in hundreds of locations around the world.

The eye is commonly known as the window to the soul, but what is less know is that it also serves as a unique window into overall health. Routine eye examinations offer invaluable insights, allowing for the early detection of potentially life-threatening conditions. By harnessing this inherent accessibility, Toku seeks to provide affordable preventive healthcare, ensuring that individuals globally and across all socioeconomic backgrounds have access to timely interventions.


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